Access Consciousness®

Access Bars

Access Bars® is one of the many tools in Access Consciousness® and facilitates a different way of functioning.

Getting your Bars run will begin to unlock and release all the thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and considerations stored in your brain. It will allow you to relax and let go of all the things that are stopping you from being you. Having your Bars run is like having a great massage the least. Best case scenario, your entire life will completely change. It all depends on your considerations about the change and how open you are to receiving it. Coming to a Bars session without expectations or judgement can lead to great results.

Access Energetic Facelift

What if you could release all the considerations and judgements that you have had about your face and your body? What if age is just an interesting point of view?

Access Energetic Facelift™ is a hands-on body process that can quicken the body’s natural ability to heal and reverse the signs of aging. It is a gentle touch on your face and the neck area that will work with your body’s cells to restore and rejuvenate.

When receiving an Energetic Facelift™ session, many other energy processes are simultaneously applied to your face and body, which can be beneficial for your entire body, not only for your face and your neck.

What is Access Energetic Facelift™?

Access Abuse Hold

When you've been abused, whether it's mental, physical, emotional, spiritual or any other form, you lock that in your body and try to hold it away from yourself and the rest of the world. In that process, you're prepared for the next abuse delivered at you. You rigidize and stress your body to always be on-alert.

The Abuse Hold Session is for your body, and it allows it to release, relax and find a sense of peace.

It is done in two parts. First, you have to listen 30 times to a Clearing Call from Access Consciousness about the issues of abuse, by Gary Douglas. This clearing call will tackle the points of view you have created as a result of being abused. The second part is the hold itself. After the points of view have been unlocked, the body will be ready to release whatever was created during the abuse.

Access Body Process

Body Process Session

Our body has the ability to regenerate itself, but unfortunately, we often have the point of view that the body has to age and die. Every fixed point of view accelerates the aging process. Once you let go of fixed points of view, the aging process will cease.

Access Consciousness has discovered over 50 body processes, and each of these processes can be run as hands-on energy, that invites the body to heal and regenerate itself.

Access Consciousness Body Class

Symphony Session

A Symphony Session is not a therapy or healing session, it is an exploration of energies with the target to empower each person to know that they know and what they can choose and change. It allows you to start accessing what is right for you and your body, beyond the limitations of this reality.

What is a Symphony Session™?
Symphony Advanced Practitioner

Private Facilitation

A private facilitation session uses Access Consciousness tools and clearings. It opens up a new space for you to create something different that works for you.

Ready to let go of limitations, considerations, points of view and to create something that will expand your life?