When you've been abused, whether it's mental, physical, emotional, spiritual or any other form, you lock that in your body and try to hold it away from yourself and the rest of the world. In that process, you're prepared for the next abuse delivered at you. You rigidize and stress your body to always be on-alert.

The Abuse Hold Session is for your body, and it allows it to release, relax and find a sense of peace.

It is done in two parts. First, you have to listen 30 times to a Clearing Call from Access Consciousness about the issues of abuse, by Gary Douglas. This clearing call will tackle the points of view you have created as a result of being abused. The second part is the hold itself. After the points of view have been unlocked, the body will be ready to release whatever was created during the abuse.

Invitation to the Abuse Hold Class with Gary Douglas